Welcome to a place that can justifiably be referred to as the melting pot of European civilizations, developed over the last 1000 years.

Even though the country lacks proximity to the sea, the Czech Republic, which is conveniently located in the heart of Central Europe, prides itself on its magnificent scenery and an immense cultural heritage, “assets” that fully offset this apparent drawback.

The Prague Astronomical Clock


With a concentration of so many unique attractions, in such a small area, this country is unique in the context of Europe. The country is enclosed by belt of extensive mountain ranges and most of its frontiers run along this natural boundary, thus making this country a diverse mosaic of regions with hidden gems to discover.

The country also has a rich history as the Kingdom of Bohemia, founded in 1198, and has played a crucial role in the Holy Roman Empire and later the Austro – Hungarian Empire, retaining its independent lands to this day as the modern Czech Republic.

So, take the time to explore further than just Prague by discovering these exciting destinations:

South Moravia and its emerging wine reputation, geographically located along the same latitudes as the famous Rhine regions of Germany and Alsace region of France, produces numerous award-winning wines, is centered around the towns of Mikulov and Valtice.

Moravia’s capital city,  Brno, just keeps getting better and better, the center of University life and hip bars, cafes, and nightlife, and when you add in daring modernistic buildings like Villa Tugendaht, you will find that there is more than meets the eye.

Cesky Krumlov



Cesky Krumlov

South Bohemia Region and the world-famous Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a stunning castle perched high above the Vltava River, a picturesque old town square, and wonderful examples of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, all enclosed in one small area.

Western Bohemia Region and the city of Karlovy Vary, a spa town like no other, with a long history and home of the International Film Festival.

Prague is often referred to as the  “City of 100 Spires”, and deservedly so. With 1000 years of history and 10 centuries of Architecture, exploring the streets of Prague will leave you in wonder at the beautifully preserved examples of buildings that you discover around every corner.

Karlovy Vary

A host of rivers, including the Labe, the „national“ River Vltava (Moldau), the Morava, and many others, are all suitable for boat cruises. The Czech Republic likes to take good care of its visitors – there is a wide range of accommodation facilities, restaurants, and a well-functioning transportation network that is easy to use.

A wealth of historical towns, castles and chateaux are all prepared to open their gates wide to visitors; alternately, or those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of civilization can just relax and escape to and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Czech Republic has one more asset – it offers high-quality services to satisfy even the most sophisticated travelers. These services are available at favorable prices, and they enable foreign visitors to stay in this country, or with convenient connections, make trips beyond its borders.

Delicious food

The Czech Republic has a rich history of food, due to its location, it has drawn its influences from its neighbors and cultural influence from the Austro – Hungarian and French empires. Enjoy such culinary delights as Svickova ( braised beef with sauce and dumplings) Roasted duck with red cabbage, Bramborak ( potato pancakes) all washed down with world renowned Czech Beer, or award-winning wine, and finish with delicious desserts – Vetrnik or Venecek (Czech style profiterols)

So welcome to the Czech Republic!