Exuding a feisty mix of elan and inat (national trait of rebellious defiance), Serbia and its people, do not do ‚mild‘ at all.

The capitol of Serbia, Belgrade, sits at the confluence of the Rivers Sava and Danube and its skyline is dominated by the Belgrade Fortress, built in 279 BCE, which consists of the old citadel and the nearby Kalemegdan Park, both offering panoramic views over the Sava and the Danube rivers and the city of Belgrade laid out at your feet.

Botanical Gardens Belgrade

Serbs are very hospitable

Explore the Republic square with its equestrian statue and the square is the site of some of Belgrade’s most recognizable public buildings, including the National Museum, the National Theatre, and the statue of Prince Michael.

The northern town of Novi Sad hosts every year, the Exit festival, and like everything that they do in this country, even its hospitality is emphatic – you can be expected to be greeted with a glass of rakija (fruit brandy) and a hearty three-kiss hello.

While political correctness is about as commonplace as a non-smoking bar, Serbia is nevertheless a cultural crucible: the art nouveau town of Subotica revels in its proximity and influence from Hungary.

Bohemian Niš echoes to the sound of Roma horse carts, on its cobbled streets and the minaret-studded Novi Pazar nudges some of the most sacred sites of Serbian Orthodoxy.

In the mountainous KopaonikTara and Zlatibor regions, the ancient traditions of the people and country coexist seamlessly with après-ski jet set crowd.

Belgrade Skyline from Belgrade Castle



Excellent and quality food

Serbs are known for their great love of food, and for them sitting down to a meal is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

One of the best know dishes is Sarma, prepared with pickled cabbage, minced meat, and rice, but there are a few variations to this, it can be prepared with vine leaves, or with minced fish meat. Another favourite is Ćevapi, grilled finger-shaped minces meat and served with chopped onions. Gibanica is a cheese pie that is eaten as a snack, or for dinner, sometimes breakfast.

Federal Square Belgrade

Dessert also is popular with Vasina torta or Vasa’s cake is an absolute classic of Serbian cuisine consisting of a walnut sponge base, a creamy filling made with walnuts, chocolate, and oranges, and two additional toppings – šaum (a mixture of egg whites, sugar, and a bit of water) and chocolate, or try Gomboce or knedle sa šljivama are plum-filled dumplings, the dough is made with potatoes, eggs, and flour.

Great traditional liqueurs

Forget everything you think you know about this country: come to visit and say…. zdravo (hello)… or even better, živeli (cheers)!

So, welcome to Serbia!